Clinical Operations

The team at Zyfis Lifesciences have the necessary experience, expertise and global resources to effectively plan and manage your pivotal clinical trials keeping in mind projected timelines. Zyfis Lifesciences has partnered with some of the largest pharmaceuticals, biotech and device companies, providing innovative and customized clinical trial and research services.
Till date, as a team we have completed several large-scale Phase I, Phase II and Phase III trials successfully by implementing complete clinical trial management oversight, medical monitoring, data management and site management services executing high quality program in accordance with Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and regulatory compliance with a focus on clinical trials in India. From start to end, we’ll ensure that all aspects of your trial are professionally handled with quality and integrity of data always at the forefront while establishing the shortest route to market for your product.

Project Management

Project Management is our major competence. Zyfis owns a set-up, that is grounded upon project managers and skilled investigators with enormous experience who have the ability to efficiently lead projects from the start till end. Zyfis Project Managers have extensive experience in the conducting complex clinical trials, which is essential to study success. Project Planning, Training and Kick-off :

➩ Organizing and conducting comprehensive project kick-off meeting with      study team, Project design development, Development of Protocol and other   training materials and conduct training sessions. Project Oversight and      Reporting :

➩ Manage the project timelines and budget. Track study activity on     weekly/biweekly basis and reporting throughout project duration to the    sponsor. Vendor Management :

➩ Zyfis performs Vendor selection, qualification, contracting, and takes care     of payment administration. End-to-end management of critical study vendors    (e.g. drug depot, lab, IRB/EC, eTMF, EDC & RTSM (Randomization and Trial      Supply Management)


Regulatory Affairs

Our Regulatory team provides comprehensive support for Sponsors/Clients to overcome the hurdles linked with the requirements of the DCGI, FDA, EMA and Other Regulatory Bodies. We have a remarkable track record of getting on time approvals for clinical trials, from different regulatory jurisdiction. We help our Clients to understand the requirement of respective Regulatory Authority and assist them appropriately to avoid any delay in approval. We cater to our Sponsors/Clients in end to end process in a timely manner so that their product can go out in the market as scheduled.

Compilation of Regulatory Packages:
➩ Preparing regulatory package for Regulatory Authorities. Coordinating and      submitting Protocol or Protocol Amendments. Submitting interim and annual      reports.
Communication with Regulatory Authority
➩ Communication and follow up with competent authorities including DCGI,      FDA and EMA. Study and Investigator submissions to Ethics Committees and      IRBs. Study Registration on respective registries, and other trial databases.
Import/Export Management
➩ Management of any required import/export activities for IP and other study      materials and samples. Management of regulated products.

Data Management

Zyfis provides comprehensive data management services for all phases of the clinical trial, emphasizing quality control and state-of-the-art technology. We provide end to end data management services (data processing, analysis, and management) via our expert personnel including bioinformatics specialists – researchers that are proficient in clinical software tools. Accuracy and integrity are reinforced with timed quality assurance procedures and timed status reports, according to the project’s requirements.

Our Data management services include
⇒ Data quality management
⇒ Querying the data for completion
⇒ Assistance in writing the interim and final reports
⇒ Data validation and analysis
⇒ Creation of study reports
⇒ Drafting of CRFs
⇒ Quality control of data


Medical Writing

We have dedicated medical team of medical writers having long track records in scientific and/or clinical research areas, ensuring that all medical writing requirements (DCGI, EMA, FDA etc.) are met in an efficient and timely manner.
Medical writing & safety We have dedicated medical team of medical writers having long track records in scientific and/or clinical research areas, ensuring that all medical writing requirements (DCGI, EMA, FDA etc.) are met in an efficient and timely manner.
⇒ Protocol conceptualization, designing and preparation
⇒ ICF designing
⇒ Preparation of abstracts and research and/or review articles, short      communications etc.
⇒ Preparation of Posters
⇒ Report writing in compliance with ICH E3 guidelines/applicable regulatory       submission
⇒ Site specific and country specific reports
⇒ Therapeutic Experience

Our diverse platform covers
⇒ Oncology
⇒ Psychiatry
⇒ Cardiology
⇒ Nephrology
⇒ Dermatology
⇒ Ophthalmology
⇒ Vaccine
⇒ Pain Management specialties

Biostatistics & Statistical Programming

➩ Development of study design and study protocols
➩ Definition of study objectives and endpoints
➩ Sample size determination and randomization plan
➩ Preparation of statistical analysis plans, consistent with ICH guidelines
➩ SAS programming
➩ Statistical analyses and reporting of study results
➩ Production of tables, listings and graphs, in compliance with ICH guidelines
➩ Validated software: SAS® 9.2 and WinNonlin 5.0.1 for apt output
➩ Exhaustive discrepancy management
➩ Protocol writing
➩ Tracking protocol deviations
➩ Database creation and data lockup


Therapeutic Expertise

➩ Dermatology
➩ Respiratory
➩ Cardiology
➩ Gastroenterology
➩ Gynaecology
➩ Ophthalmology
➩ Orthopaedic/Rheumatology
➩ Neurology/psychiatry




At Zyfis we combine domain expertise and technology skills to deliver software solutions for the pharma industry. We understand our clients’ needs and translate them into software that meets their expectations and requirements. Our domain knowledge covers areas such as Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Data Management, Post Marketing Clinical Trial, Expense Tracking Systems, Closed Loop Marketing Systems, Mobile applications, Sales Reporting and CRM solutions. We also follow the best practices and standards for regulatory compliance, such as ISO, GAMP5, US FDA 21, EU Annex 11, GxP, 21 CFR part 11, and Risk based Software Validations. Zyfis Life Sciences offers its services in developing and implementing regulatory compliant solutions with an integrated approach. We use computer systems validation (CSV) to ensure the quality and reliability of our software development and implementation.



Zyfis has developed a cloud-based Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that supports end-to-end clinical trial management. Our CTMS system is based on the inputs from our team of Clinical Operations domain consultants, who defined the key requirements and pain points for existing solutions. Our CTMS system helps to streamline the management of a clinical trial by :
⇒ Automating and centralizing processes, such as protocol management, subject recruitment, study timelines, site management, document management, data capture and reporting, and financial management.


⇒ Providing a central platform for managing all aspects of a clinical trial, such as study planning, patient recruitment and enrollment, scheduling      visits and procedures, collecting data, monitoring safety, managing documents, and reporting.

⇒ Improving the efficiency, quality, and safety of clinical trials by reducing errors, ensuring compliance, and enabling traceability and      accountability.

Key Features
  • Project Managment
  • Subject Recruitment Managment
  • Managing Site documents
  • Date Capture and Reporting
  • Financial Managment
  • Compliance and Regulatory Management

Pharma Covigilance

Zyfis PV is a software solution that enables complex data analysis and querying of safety datasets for the pharma industry. It meets all the global regulatory requirements and ensures high quality standards and compliance.



Innovative dashboard tool for measuring ICSR compliance and it’s     expeditedness
Follow up module for tracking all follow ups and sets reminders             according to in-built escalation rules till case closure
Managing multiple MedDRA version , its upgrade and impact       analysis MedDRA version upgrade impact analysis
Compliant with 21 CFR part 11 of US FDA ,GDPR, Annexure 11 of EMEA ,ICH GVP guidance like E2B R2 & R3 and GAMP 5 for     computer system validation.
Support Medical Drug dictionary and Medical Event Dictionary like     (Drug Dictionary, WHO –Drug Dictionary and MedDRA).
Enabling User with safety field specifications and user friendliness



Zyfis IWRS indeed plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of these processes, especially in multi-center trials where coordination is essential.


The system is typically accessed through a secure web portal, ensuring confidentiality and security of trial data.

Real-time Interaction

Zyfis IWRS enables real-time interaction between study sites and the central study management team, allowing for immediate decision-making and adjustments.


The system generates unique randomization codes for each participant, aiding in the assignment to different treatment groups.

Monitoring and Tracking

Study personnel can use the IWRS system to monitor study progress, track participant enrollment and study visits, and manage drug supply and distribution.

User-Friendly Design

The system is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to study personnel at various levels within the study organization.


Zyfis IWRS is often integrated with other clinical trial software systems, such as Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems and Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), providing a comprehensive solution across all trial platforms